Smoking vs Vaping Weed

Smoking vs Vaping Weed

We received an enquiry via our webform yesterday. I think these questions are being asked by many customers, so I decided to respond to it here rather than via email.


Hi I’m hearing more and more about vaping weed and although I’ve never really been into vaping the idea of vaping weed sounds pretty good from the limited reading I’ve done. I stumbled upon this site via Google and I was hoping you guys could tell me more regarding the subject. I’m not into heavy strains of weed – I like a subtle high and all natural. Could you guys educate me a little on this? - Anonymous


I suppose the answer to the question is relative to smoking weed, so I’m going to answer it from that perspective.

Vaping weed differs surprisingly significantly from smoking in a few ways. It’s not for everybody- some people will always prefer to roll a skinny and pass it around, or to rip a fat bong, but if you’re concerned about flavour, a clean high, stone-overs or the side-affects of ingesting burnt plant matter, vaping might be an alternative that you prefer.

Flavour: Weed, like many other strongly scented plants, contains terpenes – a collection of fragrant oils. This is what you’re smelling when you bury your nose in a fresh bankie and take a big whiff. When you vape your weed, rather than burning the terpenes, you heat them up to a point where you can enjoy their strong, tasty flavours.

Saves weed: Flames destroy THC – the famed psycho-active ingredient in your bud. Vaping, on the other hand, releases THC from the plant matter without destroying a significant amount of it. As a result, you can use less weed to achieve the same high.

Cleaner high: Almost everybody I’ve ever introduced to vaping has described their high as cleaner – less of an in-da-couch-high and more of a clean, mentally stimulating, active high.

Less of a stone over: I still get a stone-over if I vape too much weed, but if I consume responsibly, I wake up the next morning feeling fresh and well-rested.

Healthier: Saving the best for last here. This is why I started vaping weed in the first place. I suffer from bouts of gnarly sinus congestion, and smoking bongs sometimes aggravates my sinuses even further. Vaping weed has a negligible affect, if any affect at all on my sinuses – it’s still possible to cook a hit too much with a vape, but once more, if I’m responsible, I can get very irie without having to stress about a blocked nose or post-nasal drip.

Vaping dabs: This is my favourite combination of words. It’s like someone’s shouting “THE FUTURE IS HERE”. While e-nails are pricey and blowtorch-ing your titanium nail is quite cumbersome, it’s just so easy to put some cannabis concentrate in a vape atomizer and push a button to get a next-level high. It’s just so easy! If you’re not looking for a ticket to the moon, it’s best to stick to our dry herb atomizers. Concentrates typically contain huge amounts of THC.

I think subtle high and all-natural goes hand-in-hand with dry herb vaping- as long as you don’t vape too much weed that you pass that ‘subtle’ point, that is. I hope this answers your question!

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to hit us up!  

You stay classy South Africa,

The Weed