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The Weed is South Africa's dankest Online Headshop. We find the illest, most exciting ways to consume cannabis in the world and bring them to South Africa!

We know the joys of getting home after a long day's work and winding down with a bong and Netflix.

We cherish the deep, dreamy slumber after a toke takes all our worries away.

We revel in chugging beers and smoking bowls with our mates, any day of the week!

We're hardworking, high-functioning members of South Africa's society, and we're out here to debunk the stigmas against cannabis.

We are The Weed and we're here to Get You Lifted.


Storm Ferreira - Store manager

Storm (aka Swedish Vegan Ghost C*nt) is a passionate and driven man! When he isn't getting you high, he spends his free time surfing, climbing and getting zef with the boys. He cares greatly for the environment and practices what he preaches. He makes sure that everything we do at The Weed has a positive impact on the world, and you - our customers!



Michael Mac Donald - Director

Michael founded The Weed in his University dorm room. He really enjoyed making bongs out of upcycled materials, and running a business is in his nature. Naturally, the two coalesced and here we are!

Passions: Kitesurfing, surfing, getting you high