Hydro Tube - Bubbler for Vape Atomizers - Fits Saionara and Divine Tribe

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Turn your herbal vape into a bong, essentially! This beauty keeps your hits cool and tasty!

The Hydro Tube is the new bubbler attachment for The Saionara and Divine Tribe atomizers. We've tested it out with The Divine Tribe Dry Herb Atomizer range and we've found it works GREAT (Check the video of us testing it below)! It enhances your herbal atomizer by cooling down the vapor to give you all the tasty flavorsome terpenes (the tasty goodness is cannabis that gives it its distinct aroma) without the heat. It's also got a great splash guard to prevent water entering your mouth. We're very chuffed with it! It's a game changer in the cannabis vaping world!
Saionara sold separately.